Why did Tom leave in The Glass Menagerie?

Why did Tom leave in The Glass Menagerie?

Why did Tom leave in The Glass Menagerie?

Tom explains that he was fired soon after from the warehouse for writing a poem on a shoebox lid and that he then left the family. He says that he has traveled for a long time, pursuing something he cannot identify.

What kind of person is Tom in The Glass Menagerie?

poet Tom Wingfield: Tom is the younger of the two Wingfield siblings, but he is the primary breadwinner of the family. With his father absent, the family relies on Tom's earnings from the factory where he works. Tom, though, is a poet, and dreams of running away to a life filled with adventure.

What is Tom's role in The Glass Menagerie?

Amanda's son and Laura's brother, Tom plays a dual role in the play as both the narrator and protagonist. ... He addresses the audience directly to frame and present analysis of the events, but he also participates in the play's actions as a character within his own recollections.

How is Tom trapped in The Glass Menagerie?

...s and it will be impossible for him to not disturb the nails. He is suffocating in his own figurative coffin, but knows his escape will upset Amanda and Laura. Tom escaped from the fantasy world of Amanda and Laura by hanging out on the fire escape, even though he could never fully escape.

Is Amanda a good mother in The Glass Menagerie?

Amanda also looks into the future, making what she calls "plans and provisions," single-mindedly for her children. In fact, as annoying as all the nagging about keeping one's elbows off the table is, Amanda is actually a very loving mother. ... In fact, she spends a lot of her stage directions just looking at his portrait.

Does Tom regret leaving in The Glass Menagerie?

He realized that his own creative abilities and his sensitivity were being destroyed by his surroundings. Furthermore, he knew that if he didn't act, he would suffer regret, unhappiness, and a complete deterioration of his natural creative abilities. Tom's rejection of his family was not a selfish, egocentric escape.

Why does Jim Kiss Laura?

Why does Jim kiss Laura? He is politely telling her good by. Tom has paid him to do it. He is showing his contempt of Amanda and her silly ideas.

Does The Glass Menagerie have a villain?

Amanda is only the antagonist if you think that Tom is the protagonist.

How does Amanda act towards Jim?

How does Amanda act towards Jim? She is rude and sarcastic. She reverts to her girlish charms and talks incessantly at him. She ignores Jim and talks at him through Laura.

Does Tom leave at the end of The Glass Menagerie?

Narrator Tom gives his closing speech and reveals that he left his family shortly after that night, seeking adventure and other non-boring activities. Tom makes it clear that he always felt guilty about leaving Laura, and couldn't get her out of his mind.

Why does Tom go to the movies in the Glass Menagerie?

  • Tom goes to the movies as a means of escape. An escape not to get away from his mothers voice but a means of escape to the world he wishes he was in. He wants to travel and see the world. That is why he never advances in his job. He spends the lighting bill money to join the mercent marines. The story itself is a means of escape.

What is the dramatic question in the Glass Menagerie?

  • The dramatic question in the Glass Menagerie is whether Tom should leave his mother and sister in pursuit of his own happiness or remain a prisoner of guilt and stay.

Why is 'the Glass Menagerie' a memory play?

  • The Glass Menagerie is a memory play because it is told from the memory of the narrator, Tom Wingfield. The readers live the story through Tom’s eyes, they see what he sees and feel what he feels. Both, the play’s style and content are inspired by memory.

What does 'the Glass Menagerie' symbolize?

  • The glass menagerie itself is a symbol Williams uses to represent the broken lives of Amanda, Laura and Tom Wingfield and their inability to live in the present. The glass menagerie symbolizes Amanda Wingfield's overwhelming need to cling to her past and her fulfilled fear of being alone.

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