How do you apply to be an extra?

How do you apply to be an extra?

How do you apply to be an extra?

The main route is to register with a reputable casting agency such as Mad Dog Casting, The Casting Collective or Phoenix Casting. These agencies all have plenty of information about the casting process on their websites. Typically, the first stage of the application process can be carried out online.

Do you need qualifications to be an extra?

By doing background work, you'll get a chance to observe how professional actors, directors and the crew work on a film set, what happens during a shoot and learn from it all. ... You don't need to be an actor to become an extra; anybody can decide to be an extra.

How much do you get paid to be a extra?

The average daily salary for an Extra is $170. The daily salary range for Extras runs from $100 – $185 a day. All Extras are considered freelance workers. So for someone doing background work as their profession, they will need to be responsible for their own benefits, like health insurance, and taxes.

Do I need an Equity card to be an extra?

Must I have an Equity card in order to get work? In theory, no; but in practice, the BBC, ITV, and the independent television production companies which form PACT, have agreements with Equity which make it rare and difficult for non-Equity members to find employment within these companies as performers.

How do you become an extra in a movie?

  • There are "Extras Wrangling" companies which are those companies that specialize in finding extras of a particular age, appearance or ethnic background. By registering with these companies, they simply contact you when an opportunity with criteria that matches your particular physical description comes up.

Why did you want to be an extra?

  • Probably the best reason to take a job working as an extra is it gives you the ability to network with dozens of fellow people who are all trying to break into the industry in one capacity or another.

Where can I find extras casting for movies?

  • Backstage's extras casting and jobs for background actors in movies, television, commercials and more. New background auditions and casting calls are posted to daily. The following listings include casting calls for extras.

When did extras start to refer to themselves as extras?

  • From the beginnings of the film industry until the early 1990s, background talent were most often referred to as extras. In 1992, when the primary extras union merged with the Screen Actors Guild, extras began to prefer the term Background Actor.

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