What are the 4 types of monologue?

What are the 4 types of monologue?

What are the 4 types of monologue?

Types of Monologues

  • THE AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NARRATIVE MONOLOGUES. In these plays, the artist recalls actual stories and events from his life. ...

What are characteristics of a good monologue?

Characterstics of a good monologue

  • Brief. Monologue should be as brief as possible it is generally a brief speech of 2 minutes being presented by a single character.
  • Theme. ...
  • Objective. ...
  • Legal structure. ...
  • Imagined situation.

What exactly is a monologue?

Monologue, in literature and drama, an extended speech by one person. ... A soliloquy is a type of monologue in which a character directly addresses an audience or speaks his thoughts aloud while alone or while the other actors keep silent.

Which is the best monologue for a man?

  • 17 Dramatic Monologues For Men 1. “We can’t strike.” – Marius from ‘Les Misérables’ Spark a revolution with this one-minute monologue spoken by Victor... 2. “You wouldn’t understand yet, son…” – Walter Lee Younger from ‘A Raisin In The Sun’ From one of the most acclaimed... 3. “Well, as you guessed, ...

What's the first monologue in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

  • “The monologue found in Act 1, Scene 1 begins with the line, ‘How happy some o’er other some can be’ and provides a fun exploration into a misunderstood character that can work with a number of different choices.” 3. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”: Lysander

What was the monologue in Urinetown about?

  • We think “urine” luck with Officer Lockstock’s animated ‘Urinetown’ monologue. “Well, as you guessed, Hope took over her father’s business, instituting a series of reforms which opened the public bathrooms to all the people, to pee for free whenever they liked, as much as they liked, for as long as they liked, with whomever they liked.

How long is George Gibbs monologue in Our Town?

  • – George Gibbs from ‘Our Town’ Thornton Wilder’s beloved ‘Our Town’ chronicles the story of one town, Grover’s Corner, and the families that encompass the community. George Gibbs is an all-American boy navigating family, school, love for Emily, and growing up. Monologue Length: 0:45 – 1:00

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