What is regional hire?

What is regional hire?

What is regional hire?

Having regional and local hire representation in other cities and countries is an effective way to find work in projects filming outside Los Angeles / New York.

What does it mean to work as local hire?

Local hiring is a goal or requirement to hire people who live close to the place of work. This aim is often more specifically structured as a requirement for contractors awarded certain types of publicly funded projects to recruit a certain proportion of the people working on the project from a particular area.

What does work local mean?

Local work means a work constructed or intended to be constructed by or under the control of a local authority.

What is the Los Angeles targeted local hire program?

  • City of Los Angeles - Targeted Local Hire Program. The Targeted Local Hire Program is an effort to help under-served and under-employed populations find an alternative pathway to rewarding Civil Service careers with the City of Los Angeles. This program creates a unique opportunity for individuals to enter into Civil Service via an alternative...

What does it mean to be a local hire?

  • Now, they tell me about their ability to be a local hire in Atlanta, Vancouver, and Lithuania. It seems like every actor I meet is obsessed with getting work everywhere but here. Gain access to the best platform for performers and build your career on Backstage. Now, don’t get me wrong.

Can you be a local hire on a movie?

  • They will also provide ground transportation to and from the airports in both cities. But when you agree to be a local hire on that same movie, it means they see you as someone who already lives there, so you get nothing. In other words, you’ll have to fly yourself out and put yourself up with no per diem or ground transportation.

Can a person be appointed by a Direct Hire Authority?

  • Yes. Using Direct-Hire Authority (DHA), the individual is "appointed to the competitive service ... by special appointing authority ... [and] serves a 1-year probationary period unless specifically exempt from probation by the authority itself." [See 5 CFR 315.801(e)]. The DHA regulations do not address probation.

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