How can I get work as an extra?

How can I get work as an extra?

How can I get work as an extra?

The main route is to register with a reputable casting agency such as Mad Dog Casting, The Casting Collective or Phoenix Casting. These agencies all have plenty of information about the casting process on their websites. Typically, the first stage of the application process can be carried out online.

Where do the extras go in a movie?

  • Movie extras usually appear in the background, but a director can place them anywhere in a scene as needed. Movie extras appear in films or television scenes to give the viewer a sense of realism while watching the scenes.

How to find extras for movies in Atlanta?

  • Start finding casting calls for extras and background talent in Atlanta today. Get cast with Backstage. Casting "Gardner's Graveyard," a low budget short film. Note: Looking for actors to play college students for a party scene. Need men and women between the ages of 18-25.

Where to find extras for a movie in Dallas?

  • Casting call 7/7/2021 from 6-7pm at Legacy Music Studio in Deep Ellum. If possible please bring clothing that will match scenes or pictures of outfits you plan to wear for film date. Filming will be near Downtown Dallas in the Cedars neighborhood 7/13 for a total of 4 hours max.

Where can I find extra jobs for movies?

  • Backstage is a popular website to find movie extra jobs, but you have to pay for membership to apply for roles. Luckily, many other websites post casting calls that are free to apply. I’ve had the most luck with Project Casting. Some casting agencies keep a database of people looking for extra jobs and will gladly add your name.

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