What can I write a monologue about?

What can I write a monologue about?

What can I write a monologue about?

Monologues are supposed to reveal important details about a character or the plot—it's essential that you've developed the speaking character and a detailed plot for them to inhabit, even before you start writing. Monologues help inform the audience about the character's traits and past events.

What are some good monologue topics?

  • Shakespeare. Read Shakespeare's works for dozens of fabulous monologues you can perform for your class. ...
  • " or look through Homer's "Odyssey" for one of Odysseus's monologues.
  • Personal Monologue. ...
  • Comedic Monologue. ...

How do you write a monologue?

  • Writing the Monologue Start the monologue with a hook. Use your character’s voice and language. Allow your character to reflect on the past and the present. Add description and detail. Include a moment of discovery. Have a button ending.

Why do you use a monologue?

  • Monologues serve a specific purpose in storytelling-to give the audience more details about a character or about the plot. Used carefully, they are a great way to share the internal thoughts or backstory of a character or to give more specific details about the plot.

What is the importance of a monologue?

  • The importance of a monologue as part of a play is to show the audience aspects of the character that the other characters don’t know. The actor performing the monologue can reveal historical, psychological, emotional or aspirational aspects of a character that help to explain their previous behaviour in a play,...

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