What is an actor's resume?

What is an actor's resume?

What is an actor's resume?

What is an actor resume? An acting resume is a resume specially formatted for an actor who is seeking a role in film, TV, theater or another acting medium. Acting resumes are unique in that they are typically combined with an actor's headshot, so these resumes need to fit on a single, 8" x 10" sheet of paper.

How big should I Make my theater resume?

  • It’s printer-friendly and it opens everywhere. Pro Tip: Theater resumes are usually two-sided: one side being your headshot, and the other side the actual text of your resume. Make sure the two fit nicely together and set the dimensions of the photograph to 8x10.

What kind of job can you get in the theater?

  • Working in a theater is not only rewarding but also fulfilling. From managing art and controlling events to meeting new people and making more money, theater jobs are by far the most interesting careers in the entertainment industry. You can also see Proofreader Resume.

What should I put on my resume for acting?

  • Tailor your resume experience section to the job offer you’re targeting and make it accurate. Group your acting credits by category: theater, film, or television. Put the theater category up front as it’s the most relevant.

What kind of theater did I go to?

  • Hamlet ,Ophelia, The Shakespeare Theatre (John Smith) Passage, Young citizen, Soho Repertory Theatre (Christopher Chen) Man with a Plan, Kate Burns, CBS (Jackie Filgo and Jeff Filgo) Pursued my passion for acting and musical singing.

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