Who is the youngest actor in 2021?

Who is the youngest actor in 2021?

Who is the youngest actor in 2021?

The youngest Academy Award acting nominee of all time as of March 2021 was Justin Henry, who was just eight years old when he was nominated for his role as Billy in 1979's 'Kramer vs Kramer'....Youngest Academy Award acting nominees as of March 2021, by age.
CharacteristicAge in years
10 more rows

Who was the youngest person to receive an Oscar?

Youngest winners
132 years, 38 daysDamien Chazelle
232 years, 260 daysNorman Taurog
333 years, 228 daysLewis Milestone
434 years, 238 daysSam Mendes
6 more rows

Who is the greatest child actor of all time?

Ranking the 30 Greatest Child/Teen Actors of All-Time

  • Stranger Things Kids. TVline. If you're not watching Stranger Things, what are you doing? ...
  • Neil Patrick Harris. Fan Pop. Neil Patrick Harris began his career as a child actor in the 1989 television series Doogie Howser, M.D. ...
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas. answers africa.

Who are some of the most famous child actresses?

  • 1 Alyssa Shafer 2 Madison Leisle 3 Tatum McCann 4 Yara Shahidi 5 Elsie Fisher 6 Ariel Gade 7 Aryana Engineer 8 Joey King 9 Bailee Madison 10 Caitlin Carmichael

Who are the child actresses in 12 and younger?

  • Avaleen (Ava) Foster was born in and lives in Columbus, Ohio with her mom, dad and little sister Pippa. Ava is being represented by Heyman Talent. She has been acting on film since she was 4 years old along side her mother and uncle. She has held roles in projects like the 48 Hour Film Competition,... 12. Charlotte Shovilin

Who are the child actresses in Happy Feet?

  • Alyssa Shafer was born on J in Los Angeles, California, USA as Alyssa Jordan Shafer. She is an actress and writer, known for Happy Feet (2006), Daddy Day Care (2003) and Just Like Heaven (2005). 2. Madison Leisle Madison Leisle was born on J as Madison Janis Leisle.

Who is the oldest child actress in the world?

  • Jena Skodje is an actress, known for R.L. Stine's the Haunting Hour (2010), The Edge of Seventeen (2016) and Grace (2015). 11. Kennedi Clements Kennedi Clements was born in British Columbia, Canada in 2007. She is the oldest of three children.

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