Acting Colleges

When young actors first hear the suggestion to attend a college for acting, they might first imagine something along the lines of a school to teach untalented hopefuls how to perform. However, with the rich heritage of excellence in the arts that so many of the best acting colleges contain, attendance at one of these schools could prove the best means of refining the talent of tomorrows future stars.

What Acting College Can Do for You

Some people seem to have a natural ability for the stage. But can acting be learned and taught? While a degree in the craft may not instill talent in anyone, it can undoubtedly provide a wealth of other benefits. Attending a great acting college would not only give students insightful feedback and knowledge of technique from instructors, but the chance to gain experience with genre and acting styles they might not otherwise choose for themselves. A worthy college program should also give students practical information about the industry itself and be a valuable source of networking contacts for those just starting out.

How to Choose Your College

While small acting studios can be excellent sources of learning, looking for a school that is accredited will ensure that it meets established standards for what should be taught in a professional acting program. This will also be of use if you ever decide to attend graduate school or would like to teach as well. Besides considering what niche you may be interested in, such as theatre or film, you should also research the credentials of the instructors. Instructors at a college level will, of course, have degrees of their own, but should additionally have recent performance experience. A good instructor will have a firm foot in the industry and be abreast of current trends.

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Applying for Acting College

Once you have your list of college picks lined up, the task of gaining acceptance to one of the schools of your choice becomes the next priority. Before sending in your application, be sure to request admission requirement information so that you know the basics of what you need to prepare yourself. Many acting programs will require an audition along with meeting the academic requirements of the college or university where the program is being offered. Prospective students may be expected to prepare their own work for reading, asked to role-play, perform a cold reading, or even sing. Careful preparation is key, especially if the piece you are asked to prepare is in a style you are not used to performing.

Notable Alumni

So, can people who graduate from acting colleges actually find work afterwards? They certainly can and do. Some of actings most notable players have graduated from a four-year drama or fine arts program. A short list of these actors include: Jennifer Connolly, David Schwimmer, Debra Messing, Bill Cosby, Ben Stiller, Kelly Preston, Adam Sandler, and Sandra Bullock. A few of these college alumni actually started off studying other fields, only to be drawn in by the performing arts programs of their schools.These successful professionals include Denzel Washington, James Earl Jones, and Samuel L. Jackson.

The choice of whether or not to attend acting college can be as personal and heavily considered a decision as what college to pick. Taking a few key factors into account, such as college accreditation, instructor credentials and paying attention to admissions requirements will play a hand in marking the start to a notable career in acting.

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